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Top tips for taking your puppy on their first walks

Taking your puppy on their first walk can be daunting for both dog and owner. For the puppy, there’s a whole new set of stimuli, smells and sights to take in, which can make the world seem big and scary! For the owner, there are new safety measures to think of, new hazards, and a new environment for your puppy to sniff out trouble.

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Puppy vaccination schedule in the UK

As a dog owner, vaccinating your puppy is one of the most important things to do once they reach the right age.

Regular vaccinations help puppies grow into healthy dogs who remain free of infectious and potentially life-threatening diseases.

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Puppyand dog

Life’s adorable big Qs: When does a puppy become a dog?

It is one of life’s unfair questions, but one that has a lot riding on it. As much as we love the idea of our lovable, roly-poly pups waddling around on their pudgy feet and getting up to all sorts of clumsy antics, puppyhood cannot be prolonged. A puppy’s transition into adulthood isn’t always apparent, but knowing the difference helps you to take care of them age-appropriately.

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Dog Hiccup

Know dog hiccup reasons to sharpen your Dolittle senses

Hiccups are no fun. Think of all the ways we try to get rid of them, from the most absurd remedies to scientific ones. Now think of your faithful hound; a bout of hiccups can make them uneasy too. Dogs get hiccups just like us, and sometimes for the same reasons; however, understanding dog hiccup reasons can go a long way in ensuring the comfort and health of your pet.

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Walkingadog COVID

Can I walk my dog if I have Covid?

Declared a global pandemic by the WHO, Covid-19 officially hit the world in March 2020. It spread across globe causing havoc and forcing people to make big changes to adapt to a new way of life. Dog owners had the challenging responsibility of helping their dog remain happy and healthy while adhering to the recommended social distancing and quarantine advice.

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